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Mei Hing Chak, President of Heung Kong Group, Won the 10th “China Charity Award”

DATE:2018.09.25 SOURCE:

On September 13, the ceremony of the 10th “China Charity Award” - the highest government sponsored award for philanthropy in China was held in Beijing. Mei Hing Chak, president of Heung Kong Group and chairman of Heungkong Charitable Foundation received the “China Charity Award” (Charity Model) again for her outstanding contributions to China's philanthropy.

China’s reform and open-up has created remarkable economic miracles, and many individuals and groups having strong senses of social responsibility and mission emerged during this period, who represent the main force pushing forward the development of China’s philanthropy. The “China Charity Award” came into being right under this backdrop, and was officially launched in 2005 under the administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs for recognizing outstanding and influential individuals, entities and charity trusts in China’s philanthropy, while Ms. Mei Hing Chak is one of them. The “China Charity Award” is the highest government sponsored philanthropy award in China under the administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is the 10th “China Charity Award” this year. Both of Chairman Chi Keung Lau and President Mei Hing Chak of Heung Kong Group won the inaugural “China Charity Award” in 2005.

Unprecedented developments have been made in China’s modern philanthropy since 2005. Over the past 13 years, Ms. Mei Hing Chak has undergone journeys from establishment of the first non-public national charity foundation to leading professional development of China’s non-public foundations, from actively making donations to support eduction and help those in distress to advocating the whole society in participating in philanthropy, and from promoting the philanthropy culture and forming a social common understanding to going to the world stage for advancing the civilization of the mankind. With her own actions, Mei Hing Chak embodies and witnesses China's philanthropy development in new times, and won her second “China Charity Award” with her kindness.