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Heungkong Group Profile

Heungkong Group was founded in 1990,the Group now has 20,000 employees. Its business segments range from trade logistics, industrial development, healthcare, financial investments, education, development and construction. Heungkong Group was selected as  one of the top 50 Chinese private enterprises.

In 1990, Heungkong Group started its business in Shenzhen and engaged in the business of home furnishing. After over 20 years of development, Heungkong Furniture’s general home furnishing complex forms its main business, with geographical coverage over South China, Central China, East China, North China and Northeast China. Its total operation area is up to 5 million square meters. Strategic cooperation with more than 6,000 mainstream brands has allowed us to become a leader in medium and high-end markets in home furnishing industry. As the first platform for domestic e-commence home furnishing, “Kinhom.com” (www.kinhom.com) provides the most professional O2O experience and is supported with 40 warehousing and logistics centers in China. It strives to build the first Chinese intelligent home furniture chain, a closed-loop service provider that serves customer from products to services.

With years of experience in business operation, the Heungkong Group has transformed itself and started engaging into the trade logistics business. Driven by “Commerce 4.0” of the Changsha Gaoling International Trade City, the Group is inspired to create a global trade center with an area of  millions square meters. Moving forward, with the use of the latest technology in big data, e-commerce, logistics and mobile internet, the largest omni-channel trading platform in China will be created.

In 1996, the Heungkong Group became one of the very first Chinese private enterprises to tap into financial investments. It strategically controlled and held majority stake in many financial institutions. It is a major shareholder of China Guangfa Bank, GF Securities Co., Ltd., GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong Nanyue Bank Co., Ltd. and Bank of Tianjin. Qianhai Heungkong Financial Holdings Group was then established in Shenzhen and became one of the very first key enterprises to be introduced into Qianhai, China.

In 2000, Heungkong Group entered into the field of urban development and operation and transformed itself from an urban developer to an urban operator by integrating, optimizing and innovating urban resources. It followed the national development strategies closely to strategically deploy the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, focusing on an innovative financial services platform and creating a world-class financial ecosphere in Qianhai, Nansha and Hengqin.

In 2005, Heungkong Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in Luoyang. It is the first privately owned large-scale aluminum oxide enterprise in China and was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. Its production capacity reaches 2 million tons of alumina powder and approximately 3 million tons of rare metal minerals per year, totaling up to 5 million tons of production.

In 2011, the Heungkong Group entered into the high-end healthcare industry, focused on “medical treatment, health preservation and health pension”. Heungkong Wellness Valley, a world-class hot springs resort, is the only healthcare-themed facility in China. It was appraised as the first “research center of preventive medical treatment” in China approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, we have built Heungkong Family Healthcare Center, Tianjin Heungkong Wellness Valley and Wellness Valley in the Pearl River Delta.

In 2016, the Heungkong Group made strategic plans in the mobile internet + digital and intelligent sectors. Heungkong Digital Master develops products based on customer demands, adopts “cloud and smart manufacturing” mode and creates a new “mobile and intelligent industry ecosphere”.

After more than 10 years of development, Heungkong Education has set up a comprehensive education ecosystem, providing education from kindergartens to senior high schools.

The Heungkong Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities and participates in public welfare and other charitable causes. In 2005, Heungkong Group established Heungkong Charitable Foundation, China's first national-level foundation founded by private sector,which has contributed more than RMB 1 billion to various public welfare causes, such as education, poverty alleviation, and rescue and disaster relief. As a private enterprise, it has fulfilled its solemn commitment of “giving back to society through business excellence”.