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Business Logistics
   After over 20 years of development, the Heungkong Group, with its beginnings in the furniture industry, has now developed two major furniture chain brands “Heungkong Furniture” and “Kinhom Furniture” as well as many chain stores throughout the country, with a total operating area of 3,500,000m2. “Kinhom.com” is aimed at developing into the leading trading platform for internet integrated e-commerce. The Heungkong Group has initiated a “warehouse-type sales model”, taken the lead in introducing the advanced ERP information management system of German SAP, developed “professional store chain” model, and established strategic cooperation with more than 6,000 dominant furniture brands, thereby becoming a leader in the furniture circulation industry of China.
   Adhering to the development idea “to drive the big market with big circulation, drive the big industry with big market, and drive the great development with big industry”, the Heungkong Group has strategically rolled out operations in South China, Central China, North China, Southwest China, and East China to build the largest platform for business logistics in China. In addition, on the back of traditional trade and commerce industry chain, and with the help of internet technology, the Heungkong Group has realized online and offline integration, warehousing and logistics integration, whole industry chain integration, and whole service chain integration, and developed a new intelligent ecosphere of commerce and trade, thereby successfully upgrading from “commerce and trade” to “intelligent trade”, and starting a brand new 4.0 era for Heungkong.